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From Concept to Creation

Together, we'll bring your unique vision to life

Step 1 - Initial Call

You book a call to discuss your vision and design ideas.

Step 2 - Designing & Personalizing

After our initial call, we'll start the design process by creating a personal 3D render to visualize your unique design. Based on your feedback we will create the ideal design.

Step 3 - Creation, Final Touches & Shipment

Time to craft your ring, apply the final touches, and ensure it's delivered to you on time.

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Some of Our Work

4.9 out of 5.0 rated on Google

We've spent more than 30 years perfecting our craft 

"What if we can help men create those moments of magic? The moments in which she discovers just how much he cares... The moments that last forever."


- Marc Adwar



Our Mission

Any moment of pure happiness is fleeting. Here at Brooklyn Jewelers, we believe the perfect piece will make it everlasting. We endeavor to help you create that moment, and to preserve it in her mind forever.

Our Vision

At Brooklyn Jewelers, each piece is sustainably crafted and ethically sourced, blending contemporary style with custom-made exclusivity. We utilize cutting-edge 3D CAD technology to innovate without compromising on artistry or integrity.


We exclusively use precious metals like gold and platinum, and our pieces feature natural diamonds, ensuring authenticity and quality. Our jewelry is never gold plated or filled. Embodying real locally made, and sustainably manufactured excellence, Brooklyn Jewelers is shaping the future of the industry.

Schedule a Call with Marc

Schedule a Call with Marc

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