The Company

Brooklyn Jewelers was created to connect the talented local artistry with cutting edge tools and technology to bring innovative jewelry designs to life. We provide an outlet for artists of all mediums to share their creativity. Empowering this community gives way to an efficient platform of production, creating transparency throughout the manufacturing and retail process.

The Jewelry industry is changing, and our goal is to drive that change.



Marc Adwar comes from a celebrated family of jewelry-manufacturers. Working alongside his father since he was young, Marc used to rush to finish his homework and go straight to the basement to cut molds. He learned the art of jewelry manufacturing in his family’s Manhattan factory, pouring his first flask of gold at the age of thirteen. Marc has honored this legacy and the innovation on which it depends, constantly pushing the industry forward by looking for new ways to craft and manufacture beauty through technology. His passion for testing the boundaries of industry is only matched by his love of the city that raised him. 

Marc has created Brooklyn Jewelers to elevate brilliant designers, push the boundaries of craftsmanship, and bring the art of jewelry-manufacturing back to the United States.