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About Brooklyn Jewelers

“What if we can help men create those moments of magic. The moments in which she discovers just how much he cares…The moments that last forever.”

- Marc Adwar

Our Mission

Any moment of pure happiness is fleeting. Here at Brooklyn Jewelers, we believe the perfect piece will make it everlasting. We endeavor to help you create that moment, and to preserve it in her mind forever.

Our Story

Founder Marc Adwar has spent more than 30 years designing remarkable pieces of women’s jewelry for the world’s top retailers. It’s a journey of innovation and artistry that began in childhood. From proudly showcasing the jewelry-making process for kindergarten show-and-tell to rushing through his homework so he could go straight to the basement to cut molds, the craft has long been in Marc’s heart. And how could it not? At his father’s side, Marc poured his first flask of gold in his family’s Manhattan factory at the age of 13.

Marc descends from a celebrated family of jewelry manufacturers. He discovered his love for the craft at the heels of his father, then mastered the craft under the mentorship of the industry’s top minds. He’s worked with the industry’s premier manufacturers, and his jewelry has been sold around the world. Still, Marc endeavored for more.

As he recognized the industry evolving, Marc saw an opportunity to honor the family legacy while challenging the status quo and forging new paths. That’s why Marc made a bold choice not only for the sake of innovation, but for the sake of his home. As changes in the industry pushed U.S. manufacturing overseas, Marc discovered 3D printing decades before it was an industry norm. He pioneered its use within the world of fine jewelry, bringing the renowned institution of jewelry manufacturing back to the United States. To this day, Marc remains steadfast in his pledge to make every piece of jewelry exclusively in NYC.

And after decades crafting fine jewelry to be sold in retail stores around the world, Marc is making his collections available direct-to-consumer. Through the advent of Brooklyn Jewelers, Marc is carving out the middleman to bring his creations directly to you.

Our Vision

Every piece from Brooklyn Jewelers is sustainably made and ethically sourced, on-trend and made to order. Your item will be manufactured only for you, and destined only for her.

We harness the power of 3D computer-aided design (CAD) to push the boundaries of creation without sacrificing artistry or product integrity. And we immerse ourselves in the industry and culture, both home and abroad, to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends while never relenting in our devotion to innovation.

At Brooklyn Jewelers, fashion made in an accelerating world is still sustainable, meaningful, and authentic. Our pieces are never gold plated or filled. Fine jewelry that’s real, locally made, and sustainably manufactured is our vision for the future of the industry.